February 16, 2018

Affordable HealthCare Options

Affordable Alternatives Through Medical Cost Sharing


Each company offers unique plans and coverage that can be customized for a variety of different consumer needs. Use the links below and navigate to each unique option and learn more.  Medical Cost sharing is no longer a secret and now has become the go to solution for millions of Americans who can no longer pay the high costs of traditional health insurance plans. With these plans the most limiting factor to keep in mind is that they are designed for healthier individuals and will limit or exclude pre-existing conditions.


Planstin Distinct Benefit Solutions

Offers customizable layers of coverage designed for small businesses and the self-employed. With two large nationwide PPO networks to choose from member can apply in all 50 states and access provider networks nationwide. With low monthly premiums and low out-of-pocket exposure members typically save 40-60% versus traditional health insurance plans available in their state. Members also enjoy affordable copays with no deductible for visits common uses such as, doctor visits, lab work, prescriptions, specialist, x-rays, MRI’s and more!

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Altrua HealthShare

Allows for access to ANY doctor or hospital across the country. Using the link below you can build and customize coverage from a variety of plans that work in conjunction with one another. For simplicity, billing is consolidated into one monthly payment. Members are able to provide coverage for catastrophic only or add coverage for more common needs such as doctor visits, lab work, accidents, dental, or vision. Applications submitted by the 2oth will start coverage on the 1st of the following month.

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Medi-Share Christian Care Ministry

Is uniquely designed for Christian members and should be closely examined to make sure it’s a good fit. With options that can fit any budget Medi-Share has member responsibility amounts (similar to a deductible) ranging from $500-$10,500.

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Zion Health

 The nation’s top-rated healtshare offering a re-imagined perspective to the concept of medical cost sharing.

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